Fire Protection, Cabinets & Signage Installers

Commercial Fire Protection Installation

Fire hose cabinets, signage, extinguishers & more

Installing Commercial Fire Protection, Signage, & Cabinets

Looking for a company to install your fire protection cabinets and signage? CSI is a commercial fire protection installation company with experience installing a plethora of fire safety products including fire cabinets, hose cabinets, access panels, roof hatches, floor hatches, and more.

Safety is our priority which is why CSI follows all safety protocols, meets all insurance requirements, and has OSHA-trained installers to ensure your next project is done safely and reliably.

Fully Insured + Minimum of 30 Hours OSHA Training
Fire Safety Supplies

Fire Safety Supplies

  • Cabinets w/ safety glass
  • Painted steel cabinets
  • Designer cabinets
  • Security/detention cabinets
  • Fire hose cabinets
  • Smoke vents
  • Roof Hatches
  • Floor Doors
  • Class A,B,C & K extinguishers
  • Multipurpose extinguishers
  • Halo-tron extinguishers
  • Dry extinguishers
  • Carbon dioxide & Water
    mist extinguishers
  • Pressurized extinguishers
  • Access panels
SCA approved to work in NYC Public School System
Fire Safety Signage

Fire Safety Signage Installers

Does your  require fire safety signage installers? CSI is an experienced fire signage installation company that installs any and all signage interior or exterior including fire extinguisher signs, AED signs, emergency exit signs, and safety & exit demarcation (which is now becoming the law in many states). CSI is a commercial fire protection installation company with locations in NH and NY.