Bike Rack Install Company

CSI is a specialty install company that’s been installing bike racks for more than 30 years. We install any and all types and brands of bike racks for schools, apartment buildings and office buildings and much more. We're the bike rack install company with the experience and safety protocols to get your next job done right.

  • Nationwide Work: CSI works on union and non-union jobs anywhere in the country.
  • SCA Approved: SCA approved to work in NYC Public School System.
  • Payrolls: Certified payrolls.
  • Insurance: Fully insured and meet all insurance requirements including; OCIP, CCIP, Certified Payroll & Prevailing Wage.
  • Safety Protocols: We follow all state of the art safety protocols.
  • OSHA Training: Installers have a minimum 30 hours of OSHA training.

Looking for an Experienced Bike Rack Install Company?

We install any and all bike racks


Custom Bike Racks

CSI installs all types of custom bike racks including different shaped racks, materials and even laser cut logos. Looking for a company that installs bike racks? We're here to help.

Hanging Bike Racks

Looking to squeeze every last drop of space? Hanging bike racks help save space and are great for inside garages and other storage areas.

Two Tier Bike Racks

For areas with larger populations of bikers, CSI is equipped it the skills and experience to install two tier bike racks to help store more bikes, in less space.

Bike Cages

If you're looking for maximum security, then having a bike cage installed may be the route to take. We specialize in the different and odd construction install products and have plenty of experience installing bike cages of any shape and size.