Commercial Wall Protection Installers

Wall protection - Corner Guard - Bed Locators

Specialty Hospital Wall Protection Installation

CSI is a specialty install company that's been installing wall protection, wall protection sheeting, and corner guard for over 30 years. Our installers have a minimum of 30 hours of OSHA training ensuring a piece of mind throughout the entire process. We have experience working in hospitals, stadiums, education centers, country clubs and more. With offices in New York and New England we can install your construction specialty project anywhere on the east coast.
Crash Rails

Crash Rails

We have experience installing crash rails in hospitals, healthcare centers, hospices and many more locations. We're ready to be your crash rail installer.

Hospital Corner Guard

Corner Guard

CSI is an experienced and reliable corner guard install company that works on union and non-union job sites anywhere in the country.

Hospital Bed Locators

Hospital Bed Locators

Looking for a company that installs bed locators? CSI has the experience and skills needed for the job.

Wooden Handrails - Wall Protection


Handrail install company with experience installing in hospitals, commercial businesses, stadiums, airports and more.

We install any and all wall protection


Wall Protection Installation Company - Why CSI?

CSI has the skills, knowledge and experience to install any and all types of wall protection, wall protection sheets, or corner guard for any project large or small. With proper safety training and 30 hours of required OSHA training, our wall protection installers are here to ensure the safety of your next install project. Whether you're looking for hospital wall sheets, corner guards or end-guards, we will see the job through from start to finish safely, in a timely manner.

Looking for Experienced Wall Protection Install Company?

Types of Wall Protection

  • Plastic Handrails
  • Stainless Steel Handrails
  • Wood Handrails
  • Stainless Steel End Wall Guards
  • Stainless Steel Corner Guards
  • Tape-on Corner Guards
  • Flush Mount End Wall Guards
  • Plastic End Wall Guards
  • Plastic Crash Rails
  • Aluminum Crash Rails
  • Stainless Steel Crash Rails
  • Vertical Bed Locators
  • Horizontal Bed Locators
  • IPC Rigid Vinyl Sheet
  • Enviro GT Sheets
  • Bed-Board Wall Protection
Wall Protection Installation

Wall Protection Installation