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The Best Commercial Window Treatments in the Market

If eyes are the windows to one’s soul, then windows are the eyes of personal or professional spaces. They present to the public how quaint homes are inside or how productive offices are. 

That said, these furnishings should not also distract employees from making a living for themselves or their families. Windows can still provide much-needed natural light without negatively impacting office productivity. Here are the best commercial window treatments in the market:

Window Films

The most standard of commercial window treatments, windows films come in various coatings to block the sun, protect glass from damage, or both. They come in vinyl or polyester laminate that sticks to the window via an adhesive.

Window films rarely remove internal or external visibility but simply enhance the surfaces they’re placed on. The following types also describe their primary function:

  • Blackout: Prevents visibility from the outside while retaining visibility from the inside.
  • Anti-glare or anti-UV: Prevents blinding sunlight or harmful UV rays from entering.
  • Graphics: Add a marketing angle to window spaces by following the brand or company’s color schemes.
  • Anti-graffiti: Transparent-looking films absorb graffiti marks and leave the glass surface spotless.
  • Anti-damage: Prolong window durability by absorbing shock and damage.

Great for: Malls, factories, warehouses, and other commercial locations with glass windows, panels, walls, and storefronts.

Sun Screens

These installations provide cover without blacking out a reflective surface. Also known as solar shades, sun screens are attachable mesh rolls that block light from the inside. Think of them as similar to curtains drawn up and down, not adhesive screens or films.

Sun screens provide customizable privacy and light entry depending on the users. If it’s too bright or dark out, they can draw the shades downwards or upwards to limit the glare. If there is a need-to-know meeting or private function going on within a glass-walled conference room, these screens can block outside viewers.

An amazing feature of this commercial window treatment is that users can customize the mesh colors according to the season for fashionable interior design.

Great for: Executive offices or glass-walled meeting rooms.


Draped windows bring a classic, conservative look to office spaces for those who prefer a more traditional design flair. These commercial window treatments are decorative or functional, made from either natural (cotton) or synthetic (polyester) fabric. They adorn window spaces with a cozy charm while letting enough light or completely blocking any external light if a critical discussion occurs.

The biggest concern with drapes is their cleanliness since they tend to harbor dust over time and absorb whatever odors are in their proximity. Be sure to launder them regularly, around once a month minimum.

Great for: Hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, dormitories, hospital rooms, office lobbies, executive offices.

Motorized Windows

Businesses that prefer a more modern approach to commercial window treatments will never go wrong with motorized covers. These are remote control installations that draw themselves down or up at the press of a button. 

Motorized windows can be controlled by a switch on the wall or a remote panel. They can also be directly connected to your company’s building management system (BMS) to lessen electrical costs in the room since all switches are controlled from a separate room.

Best of all, they save time and effort from moving to the windows and manually fixing the curtains. Everyone can get straight to brass tacks while the BMS handles the rest.

Great for: Boardrooms, meeting rooms, executive offices.

Curtain Call

The best window installation for your industry or company depends solely on your goals. Blackout films and solar shades boost privacy and limit distractions; anti-glare and anti-UV sheets protect from blinding, dangerous light; motorized window covers offer convenience, and traditional drapes bring an old-world ambiance. This article should help you discover which treatment to get for maximum productivity and ROI!

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