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What You Need to Look for When Buying a Projector

Many people purchase projectors for different reasons. Some need to provide classroom lectures to students, while others need them for their workplace presentation. The quality of any project becomes significantly better when you use the proper visual aids and audio explanations. But when it comes to choosing the right projector, it may be a difficult task for someone who has no technical know-how. Buying projectors is more complex than purchasing wall protection sheets or curtains, after all.

It would be wise to check out this article to determine the points to consider when purchasing the best projector for your personal or professional use:


This is a factor to consider because a projector with a higher resolution can produce richer and clearer images. You should have a projector that has a native resolution of at least 1,000 by 1,000 pixels. If you are using a large screen, you need to have a native resolution of at least 1,200 by 1,200 pixels.


The brightness of projectors would have a significant impact on the overall quality of the image. The brighter the image is, the better the quality is. You need to have a projector with a brightness of 500 lumens or more. 

Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio of a projector affects the clarity of the image. If the projector has a good contrast ratio, it will produce clear, crisp images. Most projectors with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 or higher are considered to be of high quality.

Display technology

There are three leading display technologies for projectors. These include DLP, LCD, and LCoS. Among the three, DLP is the best choice for business and home use. Each type of display technology has its pros and cons.

Light source

The light source of a projector would determine the overall durability of the projector. Ideally, you need to have a projector with a light source of 10,000 hours or longer.

Projector Size and Weight

If the projector has a smaller size, then it would be more portable. For easy transportation, you need to have a lightweight projector.


A high-end projector should be able to support at least a few input devices. These include HDMI, VGA, USB, and DVI. If your chosen projector can support at least a few input devices, it would provide a better display.


Your budget would determine the project you can use. It would help if you had a projector within your budget.

Lamp life

The projector’s lamp life should be considerable enough to provide you with the best performance for many years.


With these points in mind, you can determine the best projector for your personal or professional use. It is imperative to find the best projector that would be able to provide high-quality images. Of course, just like you would only trust a reputable window covering installer, you should only have your projector installed by a reliable team of professionals. 

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