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What to Consider When Measuring Commercial Toilet Partitions

When measuring for commercial toilet partitions, you have to get it right. That’s because partition installation needs to comply with ADA and OSHA guidelines. But the guidelines aren’t the only things you need to consider when measuring commercial toilet partitions.

Number of Toilets Installed

When it comes to commercial toilet partitions, the number of toilets installed in the bathroom is the first thing you should consider when measuring. Take a look at the number of toilets, and factor that into your measurements. This will ensure that the partitions fit correctly and accommodate the number of toilets installed.

Toilet Location

Where the toilets are located within the bathroom is something else you should consider when measuring commercial toilet partitions. You don’t want to have partitions that get in the way of anyone moving around the bathroom. If toilets are installed in the middle of the bathroom, you may need to measure the toilet partitions so they can be installed over the toilets.

Number of Flush Systems

The amount of space needed for a toilet’s flush system is different for each toilet. One toilet may need more space for a flush tank than another. If you are working with a plumbing contractor, they will know what system is required for each toilet. But if you are doing the work yourself, you have to understand how to measure correctly.

It is better to overestimate the amount of space needed when in doubt. That way, you don’t have to worry about installing a flush system in a too-small area.

Space Constraints

A commercial toilet partition is a perfect way to create the illusion of more space in a bathroom. But due to their size, they can take up space needed for other things. This is why you have to measure for commercial toilet partitions carefully.

There are several things you can do to avoid creating too-small space. You can modify the plans you have for the bathroom. Or you can shop for a smaller partition. You can also choose to install a partition that doesn’t cover the entire wall or extend to the ceiling.

But no matter what you do, you must ensure that the partition doesn’t take up too much space. Otherwise, your bathroom will look smaller, and your guests will be able to tell that you have a partition there.


Finally, you should always factor in your budget when measuring commercial toilet partitions. It is always a good idea to have a plan for spending your budget. You don’t want to get halfway into the project and have to turn around and go back because you didn’t consider cost when measuring.

You may be tempted to skimp on partitions because you think the toilet partitions aren’t necessary. But keep in mind that toilet partitions are a safety precaution. By skipping the partitions, you could be putting your customers in danger.

Final Thoughts

Measuring commercial toilet partitions is simple if you know what to look for. Take a look at the bathroom and factor in everything that can be a problem in your measuring. Working with a plumbing contractor will help you figure out how much room to leave for a flush system. And if you need help getting the proper measurements, it’s best to contact a contractor.

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