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Hadrian Partition Installers

Experienced Hadrian Install Company

Hadrian makes some of the world's best restroom partitions, so why would you have just anyone install them? Here at CSI we take pride in our know-how and experience when it comes to installing Hadrian toilet partitions. We've been installing partitions for over 30 years, and our OSHA trained installers will work on any job site, union or non-union, anywhere in the country. If you're looking for a company that installs Hadrian partitions, you've come to the right place.

About Hadrian

Hadrian Manufacturing Inc. is a worldwide supplier of quality toilet partition and locker products. Hadrian was the first manufacturer to powder coat toilet partitions and has continued to embrace new technologies and materials in order to offer architects, designers and end-users more flexibility in design. Hadrian’s wide range of toilet partition products includes; powder coated metal, stainless steel, embossed stainless steel, and solid plastic.

Maximum Security

With extended doors and panels mounted closer to the floor, Elite and Elite Plus toilet partitions deliver the ultimate in privacy by using full height continuous channels and Hadrian’s unique “No-Sightline Solution” to completely eliminate all sightline gaps.

Hadrian Toilet Partitions

We're Experienced Hadrian Partition Installers


  • Full height continuous stop distributes force evenly along the door
  • Continuous stop includes a full height rubber bumper to deaden sound and protect against wear
  • Metal keeper ensures secure latching and long lasting performance
  • Extruded aluminum components are available in powder coated or brushed finish to complement stainless steel
  • Available for standard, Elite and Elite Plus toilet partitions
  • Can be used in new and pre-existing installations
  • A heavy-duty continuous hinge can be used in place of the hinge side filler for extra strength

Hadrian Elite Plus Partitions

The “No-Sightline Solution"

Hadrian’s “No-Sightline Solution” features a full height continuous stop and hinge side filler to completely eliminate all sightline gaps around the door.

Elite Plus Toilet Partitions

72” (1829mm) high doors and 76” (1930mm) high panels, mounted just 6” (152mm) above the floor. Available in headrail braced and floor to ceiling styles.

Elite Toilet Partitions

64” (1626mm) high doors and panels, mounted just 6” (152mm) above the floor. Available in headrail braced, ceiling hung, floor mounted and floor to ceiling styles.