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12 Design Ideas for Bathroom Mirrors in a Commercial Space

A bathroom isn’t complete without a mirror. It’s even more important for commercial spaces because уоu can create an illusion of a bigger bathroom so уоu can attract more customers. Sure, the standard mirror is more than enough, but you can always spice things up.

This article lists down design ideas for bathroom mirrors in commercial spaces. Read on below to learn more.

#1 – Wall-Mounted Mirrors for Office Bathrooms

While this is common in residential bathrooms, this is ideal for commercial spaces because it saves a lot of space. The wall-mounted mirror is also suitable for spaces that have limited space. Instead of hanging a large mirror, you can use a smaller one.

#2 – Backlit Mirrors

Backlit mirrors are an excellent option for creating a stunning focal point that will stand out in the space. It’s not just for aesthetic purposes but also safety purposes. Backlit mirrors illuminate the whole bathroom, not just for whoever’s using it.

#3 – Broad Mirrors

A broad mirror is a good option for a large bathroom. A large mirror reflects light and will make the space look larger than what it is. It’s also important because of the light that it can reflect.

#4 – Circular Mirrors

Circular mirrors have a vintage feel, making them an excellent option for vintage-themed bathrooms. Both circular and full-length mirrors are great because уоu can have light reflect off the mirror and make the space look brighter and bigger.

#5 – Double Mirrors

Double mirrors are an excellent option for bathrooms with more than one door. This allows you to have a mirror on each side of the door instead of just one. This can be useful for businesses, especially if уоu have a lot of customers coming in and out.

#6 – Full Wall Mirrors for Smaller Bathrooms

If уоu have a smaller bathroom, уоu can use full-length mirrors on the whole wall. This is great for spaces with many mirrors because it reflects more light, thus making the space look more spacious. It’s also an excellent way to create an illusion of space that you don’t have.

#7 – Mirror-Framed Mirrors

Mirror-framed mirrors are a stylish and modern way to decorate a smaller bathroom. It fits in well with many themes (especially vintage-themed bathrooms) or styles. You can also hang it above sinks and up on the wall.

#8 – Thick Mirrors

Thick mirrors can be ideal for bathrooms that have limited space. Instead of using a thin, frameless mirror, you can use a thick mirror. It will fit in well with a lot of bathroom decor because it’s more modern.

#9 – Beveled Mirrors

Beveled mirrors are a classic option that isn’t too common anymore, but they’re still great. These mirrors are suitable for smaller bathrooms because уоu can place them above the sink or on the wall without taking too much space.

#10 – Tiny Corner Mirrors

Corner mirrors are an excellent option for tight spaces. You can place one above a sink or on either side of the door. These mirrors are perfect, especially for bathrooms with little to no room to put a mirror.

#11 – Wood-Framed Mirrors

Wood-framed mirrors are an excellent choice for any bathroom. It’ll match well with a lot of decorations and styles. It’s also one of the most affordable ways to decorate a bathroom.

#12 – Mirror-Mosaics

Mirror mosaics are an excellent choice for bathrooms with many visitors. It’s attractive while it’s also functional. This is a perfect way to create a focal point that you can use to advertise your company’s products or services.


You can choose your favorite bathroom mirror design, but it’s best to keep in mind the space and style of your bathroom. Make sure to take time and research before making any purchases. There are also many materials to choose from, so keep in mind what you want to use as your bathroom’s focal point.

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